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Ciitmaur partners with you to leverage blockchain services and harness the potential of blockchain to gain valuable insights on your projects spanning, DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse. From ideation to selecting the right protocol, our team turns your aspirations into practical application.

Smart contract development

A smart contract automates the execution of business contracts that involve frequent manual transactions among multiple parties. It automates the error-free execution of contracts with narrow, objective, mechanical clauses and clearly defined outcomes that range from simple to complex.
With our blockchain smart contract solutions, you can make business contracts more reliable, automated, tamper-proof, immutable, decentralized, self-auditing, failure-proof, and more.


Decentralized finance and DApps development

Decentralized apps, also known as Dapps, are not owned by a central authority and instead operate on a peer-to-peer network. It is an open-source network that runs transactional services on the Ethereum Blockchain using Smart Contracts. They have a wide range of applications, beginning with lending and borrowing services, betting, and exchanges, and progressing to liquidity provision and yield farming.
Today, you can enter the expanding DeFi ecosystem by partnering with Ciitmaur’s DeFi Dapp Development Services to develop and launch your own Decentralized Application or Dapp. With our DeFi development services spanning several years, we have unrivaled experience and knowledge in building Dapps, ensuring the success of your business venture.


Blockchain migration and integration

Because of our extensive experience working with various blockchain protocols, we were able to develop a process for the easier and more efficient migration of blockchain applications from one network to another.
While changing just the smart contracts may appear to be sufficient, the truth is that different protocols have different specifications and needs, and protocol changes can have an impact on the business model as well. It is possible the model will need to be further optimized or changed entirely.
The blockchain migration should be managed by a team with extensive experience in both protocols, as a lack of understanding of the technical specifications and requirements can add unnecessary complexities to the development.


Ciitmaur GameFi Development Services

NFT Economic Model Consultation

The very economy of such games has many nuances. Because game items and the game itself become the players’ property, you must understand the principles with which you interact. How will royalties be calculated? What will the fees be? Who will foot the bill for these fees? How do you make new tokens?
Can the players do it themselves, or will they only buy the game developers’ products? We will assist you in resolving all of these nuances.


GameFi Development from scratch

You don’t have to be concerned that your project is nothing more than an idea. Our development team will complete the entire task from the ground up. Create a game on a blockchain system, develop a concept, create gameplay, a mechanism for interacting with a user, in general, everything that is technically possible.
All you need is an idea and a burning desire to launch an amazing blockchain project!


NFT Drop

We will assist you with the initial release of your NFT and airdrops. Even before the game goes live, this will grab users’ attention and entice them to play. Ciitmaur offers GameFi development services. If you already have a game project, we will assist you in incorporating blockchain technology into it. So, call or email us for more information.


GameFi Marketplace Development

The creation of a place where players can exchange tokens. user interface design, ease of use, system comprehension, data security, transaction security, and so forth.
Depending on the goals, this is a complex task that can be done independently or as part of the game.


GameFi NFT Development

We will assist you in selling NFT tokens for any part of your game. These can be art, virtual land, subscriptions, and so on.
We will also create a save blockchain wallet for your users to store the assets that they have purchased from you.